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Project Charlotte: Helping the Helpless

Project Charlotte: Helping the Helpless

Named for my sponsored child, Charlotte, I am wanting to get as many children sponsored as I can!

All over the world are children that are sick, sad, abused and starving. For only $39 a month, you can help a child receive and education, medical care, and, most importantly, the love of Christ. We can be the change for good in a child’s future.

James 1:27-Pure and undefiled religion… is this: to visit the orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. Let us use our gifts, whether of money or prayer or other service, for the good of HIS KINGDOM.

Please listen to this song by Steven Curtis Chapman… Because it could totally change your outlook on life.

What Now- by Steven Curtis Chapman

Learn More:

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Messages From Here To Help Learning’s ‘Knucklehead’ To My Siblings… So Funny!

Hey everyone! While we were at the home-school convention I go to meet Mr. Mora, who plays the voice for Here To Help Learning’s mascot, a basset hound named Knucklehead.  I asked him if I could record a message to send to my siblings, who absolutely love Knucklehead!  His messages to them and their replies were just too cute not to share!

Message From Knucklehead To My Siblings

Message From My Little Sister To Knucklehead

Message From My Little Brother To Knucklehead

Message From Knucklehead To My Little Brother


homeschool writing program Captain Knucklehead
Captain Knucklehead!  Photo taken from
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Beautify Your Blog with an Easy Makeover: Part 8

Hey everyone, check out this cool article series!  If you find this helpful be sure to subscribe so you’ll be notified whenever a new one is posted!  I hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

Giving Readers What They Want

People are creatures of habit, meaning that change isn’t always welcomed. In fact, most people resist change and want nothing to do with it. Don’t believe it? Consider the complaints every time Facebook revamps something. Your blog makeover is no different, so it pays to prepare your fans before the big reveal.

You could simply let them know you’re going through a blog makeover and the new design will be up and ready to go shortly. But why not take this a step further and make things fun by involving your readers? Get them engaged in what is going on. You could do this by asking their input about a header or other design element. For this to work best, you will need to create a few different ones and then have them vote on which one they like best. This is a good way for you to get a feel for what your readers like and what seems to evoke more excitement out of them.

You might even host a contest, asking your readers and fans to submit new designs. Choose your top 3 or 5 favorites, then put them up for a vote, with the designer of the most popular header winning a prize.

If you’re changing or adding a tagline, ask your readers to vote on some different ones you came up with to see what resonates with them. Or ask them to make their suggestions of what a good tagline would be. A simple survey is a good way to collect a lot of responses fast.

Here’s another way to know exactly what readers need/want from your site: your analytics. What search terms bring in the most readers? What pages get the most traffic? Those are the elements you need to make more prominent. For others, split testing will tell you exactly what readers want. You can set up a split test of your opt-in form, home page layout, even your entire site design by using the tools in your Google Webmaster account or email management system.

Remember, your readers are important to your blogging success so you should value them enough to make sure your changes are what they want and need from your site. This will be especially important if your blog is going to look completely different than what it used to.

Just because people are creatures of habit and tend to not like change, don’t let it deter you from doing a blog makeover, though. This can be a positive and experience for you and your readers, and can help bring in more traffic – especially if your current design is outdated.

Whatever you’re doing – a makeover on a personal blog or professional – just have the courtesy to give your readers some warning about what’s going on. They’ll be thrilled to be included, and you’ll end up with a design that’s much more engaging and attractive to them.
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I hope to see you again soon, and God bless you!

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Travel The World With Google Maps: Writing Prompt

Hey everyone!  I don’t know about you, but I sometimes like to travel the world with Google Maps or Google Earth and explore places that I otherwise would never have seen.  Yesterday I was traversed the streets of Bangladesh, went and saw the Great Wall of China, took a detour through a small Mongolian community and was home in time for dinner!  Thanks, technology and Google!

As I was exploring the earth, an idea flew by, and I caught it just in time!  The idea: use Google Maps for writing prompts!

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Book Review: Spilling Ink

Hey everyone; I just wanted to recommend a great book by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter called Spilling Ink. 

Spilling ink is a handbook for young writers. With awesome tips, tricks and activities it covers every subject from ‘Convincing Your Characters That They Are Alive’ (I don’t think many of us knew we needed to do that!) to choosing a title to handling writer’s block. Continue reading “Book Review: Spilling Ink”

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Writing From Songs; Another Type Of Writing Warm-Up

Ideas can strike at the strangest places… at the grocery store, park, or even page 167 of your math textbook.  That’s what happened to me the other day.  (I have to admit, I can sometimes be rather absentminded when I should be doing my schoolwork!) I was sitting there at the kitchen counter, math book and pencil in hand, when the idea struck of writing stories based off of songs.  Continue reading “Writing From Songs; Another Type Of Writing Warm-Up”

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4 Tips For Taking Input On Your Writing

Adeline finally set down the paper after reading it to her friend.

“How did you like my story?”  She asked.

“Well,” said her friend, “It was okay, but it could have had some more, you know, conflict?”

Adeline’s mood drooped like chewy bacon.

Taking input on your writing can sometimes be hard, or even discouraging, but it’s important to take it well.  But what can you do to help accept the criticism?  Well, here are a few tips you can use to when taking input!

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Be sure to come to the 2017 Oregon Christian Home Education Conference in Portland!

Hey everyone!  This year I have the awesome opportunity of joining Beth Mora, teacher and developer of the Here To Help Learning writing program, for her workshop ‘Dream Bigger’ at the 23rd annual Oregon Christian Home Education Conference.  My mom and I will be interviewed by Beth Mora during the workshop, and we’ll have my Here To Help Learning  winging ceremony after that!  I hope to see you there!

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