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Brainstorming; The Idea Bomb

Hello everyone, I’m Sage Tomasini (check out my Amazon Author page at www.amazon.com/author/sagetomasini), and I just finished writing my first book, ‘Lost in Africa’.  The purpose of this blog website is to help young writers and the parents of young writers as they are writing their book, essay, paragraph or whatever. I know how hard writing can be. Sometimes the words don’t come out right.   You wait, but ideas just won’t come.  I hope I can help reveal that writing is not an arduous chore, and that it can actually be really fun! Today we’ll focus on a very early step in the writing process:  Brainstorming!

Brainstorming | aka, Getting ideas:

Brainstorming is a necessary part of the book-writing process, and every writer must brainstorm in some way or other, whether they mean to or not.  It is impossible to write a good book without at least a basic idea of what you are writing about.  You can brainstorm for just about every part of your book; plot, characters, theme and even your cover, title and illustration ideas! There are many ways to brainstorm. Here we will cover just a few of the many ways.

  • On Paper: In this method, all you need is a plain piece of paper, a pencil and (optional, but recommended) a timer. Set the timer for 3-5 minutes. Write down as many ideas as you can before the timer runs out. They don’t have to be in neat lists, and PLEASE DON’T REJECT ANY IDEAS!  Scribble all the ideas that you can think of all over the page! Have fun! Don’t judge your ideas until the timer runs out, and don’t worry about good handwriting. (I know you’re not supposed to use that many exclamation points, but this was a worthy cause LOL) When you are done, circle about three of your favorite ideas. (Don’t have three on your page? Just circle one) Then, circle your favorite out of the three. If you come up with a better idea later, feel free to use that one instead. This is a very flexible process.
  • Mental Simmer: Okay, need a more relaxed process? Already have faint outline in your mind? Maybe the Mental Simmer method would be better for you. Grab a cup of cocoa, pull up some couch, play some soft instrumental music and think of all the different things that you could do. You should have a notebook handy so you can jot down any fabulous ideas that come to mind.
  • Mental Backburner: If you have a little idea of what you’ll write about, but just can’t continue with what will happen next, just put your idea on your mental backburner. Let it sit there for a few days. Think about it when you are in bed and can’t sleep.  Always keep a notebook and pencil handy for when/if that great idea you were waiting for comes to you, and if none come, try some of the above ideas.

Thank you so much for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it and learned from it, and if you would like me to write about some other aspect of writing, let me know!  You can sign in to leave comments in the comments box below, so please do!

Thanks a lot,

-Sage Tomasini


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