Resources for Young Writers

That big school project is coming up, and you’re stressed for time, but you aren’t sure whether or not baboons like broccoli.  Or you have written your first book, but don’t know where to get it published.  And should you publish with a traditional publisher or be an independent author? We all have lots of questions about writing, and are not all sure where to find the answers. In this post I will cover some resources that can be helpful to young writers. Remember to always ask a parent’s permission before using the internet.  Not all of these sites have been searched for kid-friendliness. 

Information & Fact Sources

  • Library: Your local library is a treasure chest of knowledge, just waiting to be dug into.  You can find books on almost any subject.  You can also see if your library has an encyclopedia you can use.  Sometimes the encyclopedias are for in-library use only.
  • Wikipedia: Wikipedia is like an online encyclopedia. I used Wikipedia a lot towards the the end of writing my book, ‘Lost in Africa‘.  It is probably best to be monitored by an adult while searching Wikipedia.
  • CreateSpace Free Publishing Resources: CreateSpace is a publishing company with TONS of articles on writing, formatting and marketing.  Click HERE or the link above labeled ‘CreateSpace’ to go to their website, and click the ‘Free Publishing Resources’ tab near the top of the page.  From what I’ve seen it is for the most part kid-friendly.

Writing Programs

  • Here to Help Learning: HTHL Is an EXTREMELY well-done writing program. I HIGHLY recommend them.  I used their ‘Flight 3 Essay Writing’ while writing my book .  It is designed for home-schools and home-school co-ops. They have fun video instructions to go with printed lessons please check them out HERE.


If you are looking at getting a book published consider some of the following short-run publishers. (list taken from the Here to Help Learning website)

I hope you benefited from this post!  Please feel free to leave a comment, and if you would like me to write about something, leave a request below!


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