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Storyboarding; Planning Your Writing, Combating Writer’s Block

You sit staring blankly at your paper, hoping words will come, but they don’t.  You wait there for a while, and suddenly you remember your secret weapon. You run to your writing folder and pull out… your STORYBOARD!  

A storyboard is a powerful weapon against writers’ block.  It helps you know what to write next, giving you an advantage over that brain-blocking enemy.  

A storyboard is basically a piece of paper, listing in order the things that will happen in the plot of your story.   According to ‘Webster’s New Explorer Encyclopedic Dictionary’, a plot is  ‘the plan or main story of a literary work’.

In this post we are going to go over some ways to make storyboards so you aren’t left grasping for words!

  • Chapter Book Storyboard: Take a few pieces of paper and tape them together to make one longer piece of paper.  Accordion fold the paper so there are as many panels as there are chapters in your story.  Each panel represents a chapter.  Write that chapter’s title/chapter number at the top of that chapter’s panel. Write down or draw briefly what you want to write about/have happen in that chapter. Do the same for the other chapters.
My storyboard
My Storyboard for my book ‘Lost in Africa’
  • Short Nonfiction Essay/Paragraph/Story Storyboard:  Take one piece of paper. On one side write the main points you want to write about.  Once you have done that, in a numbered list write down what order you will write the facts in.
  • Short Fiction Essay/Paragraph/Story Storyboard:  On a piece of paper write down a basic outline of what will happen in your story, in the order you want it to happen.

When you write keep your storyboard at hand, and refer to it if you need to remember what to write next, or if you are struggling from writers’ block.  The storyboards above can be tweaked to fit just about any type of writing.  Or you could design your own storyboard! (If you do, please let me know in the comment box below!)

As you have seen, making a storyboard is a fairly easy task, for being such a big help.  I hope you learned something from my post today. Please leave a comment below about what you thought!


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