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“Giant Beetles Destroy Fairy Village!”–How to Use Writing Warm-Ups to Create Great Stories

When you exercise, it is often a good idea to do a warm-up first. It gets your muscles ready, and helps to prevent injury.  Why am I talking about exercising?  Well, the same idea can be applied to writing.  Before you write it is a good idea to give your brain a quick warm-up to get the creative juices flowing.  In this article we will explore different ways to do writing warm-ups.
One way to do a writing warm-up is to use a funny picture. Have a friend pick a funny picture, but not show you what the picture is!  Click Here to see our writing warm ups photos gallery. 

Have a piece of lined paper and a pencil on hand.  When you are ready, set a five to seven minute timer, look at the picture and write a story about it!  When the timer goes off set one more timer for three minutes and use that time to finish your story if it isn’t completed and to check for grammar or other errors. Another way is to use a starting sentence to inspire you and then go from there, following the above format.  Here are a few sentences you can use if you want:

  • One day I was running through the woods. I jumped over a log and shut my eyes happily.  When I opened them again, I realized I was flying over the trees!
  • The last time my family went on vacation we had so much fun! We did things like….
  • Once upon a time there was a dragon named ________. One day when he (or she) was flying over the dusty desert…
  • I have an imaginary friend that is a ______ named _______. Once when we were…
  • Once there was a little _____ named _____, and he/she loved to eat _____.

You can also use our Writing Warm-Ups Game if you would like to instead.

I hope you learned a useful method for getting ready to write, or even for beginning a story.  Remember to have fun while doing your writing warm-up!

Do you have questions about writing, or would you like me to do a post on a specific subject?  You can contact me with the contact page, or in the comment box below, and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can! Bye!


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