Ten Publishing and Distributing Tips Part 1

Ten Publishing and Distributing Tips;

You lay in your bed, thinking to yourself about your story.  It is almost done, and soon you’ll be getting it published.  “How do I do that?”,  you think.  Suddenly a scary lady with red nail-claws towers over you, an angry look on her face.  “Grrrr!  You can’t publish your book!  You have no idea what you are doing!  Who are you going to publish with, hmm? And who would want to read a story like yours anyways?”  You sit up suddenly, breaking into a cold sweat.  Then you realize it was only a dream… thankfully!

Professionally publishing your work can be a challenging and somewhat scary process.   I know; I have been there. But in this article series I will give you “Ten Publishing and Distributing Tips” to help you not make the same mistakes I did!

  • Tip 1: Proof Your Book- Proofing your book is when you go over your book in book format to make sure that the formatting, page numbering, spelling and grammar, etc. is right. Many publisher offer you a way to make sure that everything is right.  Lulu and other publishers allow you to order a copy of your book before you publish it, and CreateSpace also has an online prooferI highly recommend you order a paper copy, and I wish that is what I had done.  I only used the online proofer, and when my book came there were some problems with it that I hadn’t noticed with the online proofer.  Luckily I think I was able to fix the problems.
  • Tip 2: Add as Many Search Keywords as Possible to Your Book-
    If you can, add Search Keywords, a Reading Level, a Description and a BISAC category.

    Once your book has been published, if you have the option to, add as many keywords, BISAC categories etc. as you can to increase your chances of being found when someone searches something related to your book in a search engine or in a website your book is sold on.  That helps more people find out about your book, which increases your chances of selling copies.

  • Tip 3: Never Give Up- When you just can’t get the words right, when you are having trouble deciding on a publisher, when the reviewer keeps messing up the formatting,… don’t give up!  Think about the end result; if you work hard and give it your all, you can end up with a great result.

If you are needing some support in your writing you can contact me through the ‘contact’ page above, or leave a comment in the comment box below.  Did this post help you (or not), or do you have any writing tips?  Let me know in the comments section!


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