Ten Publishing and Distributing Tips Part 2

You lay in your bed, thinking to yourself about your story.  It is almost done, and soon you’ll be getting it published.  “How do I do that?”,  you think.  Suddenly a scary lady with red nail-claws towers over you, an angry look on her face.  “Grrr!  You can’t publish your book!  You have no idea what you are doing!  Who are you going to publish with, hmm? And who would want to read a story like yours anyways?”  You sit up suddenly, breaking into a cold sweat.  Then you realize it was only a dream… thankfully!

Professionally publishing your work can be a challenging and somewhat scary process.   I know; I have been there. But in this article series I will give you “Ten Publishing and Distributing Tips” to help you on your writing journey!

  • Tip 4:  Use Social Media to Promote Your Book-  Social media is all the rage these days… from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram.  We now even have a first so-called ‘Twitter President’!  Promoting your writing on social media can be a helpful tool in getting it ‘out there’ to the world!  The National Geographic Kids book, “5,000 Awesome Facts about Everything”, states that “The average user on Facebook has 130 “Friends””  (Just be sure to ask your parents before you get on social media!  I don’t even have a Facebook account or anything; my parents promote on their accounts)

Imagine that you make a Facebook page for your book. (see HERE for an article with a few more ideas on this)  You get 50 people to follow your page in the first 3 months.  Assuming each of your followers has 130 ‘Friends’,  and 1/10 of their friends decide to follow your page, you would have 650 new followers!  That is 700 total followers.

Your page might not be that successful, but the more people that follow your page, the more people will see your book, and the more likely your book is to sell!

  • Tip 5: Some Info on Publishers–  I have spoken to three classes about writing so far, and most of the questions I get asked afterward are about publishing.  In this tip I will answer a few of the questions .  (If you have other questions please leave them in the comment box below and I will do my best to answer them!)
  1. “Do you have to pay for a publisher?”- No, usually your publishers pay you whenever you sell a book.
  2. “Where can you get your book published?” CLICK HERE for a post I wrote that has a list of online publishers.
  3. “Can you pick what size your book is?”- Usually, yes.  There will probably be a place on the publishing website where you can see what sizes they offer.
  4. “Can you publish a comic book?”- Yes, I assume you could publish a comic book.  (It would be especially important to proof your book to make sure that the illustrations are very visible.  Click HERE to see a post I wrote that has more information on proofing)  As long as your publisher accepts Word documents, you could simply paste your illustrations onto the doc. and add the words, etc.
  • Tip 6: Using Kindle Direct Publishing KDP is a company by Amazon, and you can use it to publish your book as a Kindle e-book.  The nice thing about using KDP is that you can offer your book to potential customers at a lower price than if it were a paperback book.  That also makes them more likely to buy it, and if they like it, they might buy a paperback copy too!

Are you needing some support in your writing?  You can contact me through my blog’s ‘contact’ page, or leave a comment in the comment box below.  Did this post help you (or not), or do you have any writing tips?  Let me know in the comments section!

I hope you learned from this post!


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