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Writing Contest!

IMG_5321Hey everyone!   Just wanted to tell you all some awesome news: We just started a writing contest that anyone from kindergarten to age 17 can enter!  You can submit yours on our Kid’s Stories page and after we review it, if it conforms to our requirements, we’ll publish it on the page!  I’m wanting to get that page full of stories, and there are tons of fun prizes! You can find it on the menu above, or Click Here to see it!  Check it out, and tell all your friends! Winning entry will be chosen at random June, 2017, so hurry up before you lose the chance!



Hello, everyone! I’m Sage, an author and blogger. I am home-schooled and love to write (although I have not always loved writing...) and like to spend my spare time after school and on Saturdays writing books, blog posts, etc. and playing with my little sisters. You can check out my author page at

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