Ten Publishing and Distributing Tips Part 3 (and a few writing tips)

You lay in your bed, thinking to yourself about your story.  It is almost done, and soon you’ll be getting it published.  “How do I do that?”,  you think.  Suddenly a scary lady with red nail-claws towers over you, an angry look on her face.  “Grrr!  You can’t publish your book!  You have no idea what you are doing!  Who are you going to publish with, hmm? And who would want to read a story like yours anyways?”  You sit up suddenly, breaking into a cold sweat.  Then you realize it was only a dream… thankfully!

Professionally publishing your work can be a challenging and somewhat scary process.   I know; I have done it myself. But in this article series I will give you “Ten Publishing and Distributing Tips” to help you on your writing journey!

  • Tip 7: To help you to not get discouraged, remember that you are not the only person who gets frustrated with writing!–  Every writer gets frustrated with their writing every now and then.  Writers also often dislike the stories they write.  I heard of one famous author who hated one of his books so much that he threw the draft away.  His wife later took it out of the trash and sent it to the publisher, and it ended up becoming one of his bestselling books!
  • Tip 8: Before you write, do a writing warm up to help get your ‘creative juices’ flowing through your mind:) – Writing warm-ups are a good way to start a writing session.  They can help you get ready to do your best at your writing when you are about to write a story, and can help you find the areas you are weak in.  They can also be pretty fun! Click HERE to see a post I wrote about writing warm-ups, or click HERE to play our writing warm-ups game.
  • Tip 9: Make  character profiles for your characters– A Character Profile can be helpful when writing, especially when  it comes to specific detail about your character.  It is basically a paper with information about your character on it, so that you aren’t slamming your head against the wall trying to remember what color your character’s eyes were or something!  Click here to see a post on this. I use profiles a lot, and they are really helpful!
  • Tip 10: Along with proofing your book, double- and triple-check to make sure all your  setting are the way you want them before you hit the ‘Publish’ button-  Okay, so you’ve written your book, downloaded it to the publishing website and even designed a cover for it.  But wait a minute!  I know you are exited, but before you send it of to the printing press, be sure everything is perfect!  I know you don’t want to wait, but it will be worth it to have your freshly printed book with no blemishes in your hands!

If you are needing some support in your writing you can contact me through the ‘contact’ page above, or leave a comment in the comment box below.  Did this post help you (or not), or do you have any writing tips?  Let me know in the comments section!

I hope you learned from this post, and be sure to like it!


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