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How to Write to Captivate Your Reader

texture-1362879_1920Mr. Average Joe looks intently at the pages between the cover of the book he is reading.  He bites his lip, furrowing his bushy eyebrows as he does so.  A minute later he gives out a laugh.  Then, after a while, tears spring to his eyes.  At last, he sets down the book, almost sorry it had to end.  “That was a good book.” he says happily.  Then he picks up his phone, opens his text app and recommends the book to a friend.

You want your book to be like that; to captivate the reader, so much so that they can hardly put down the book.   A good book makes you in a sense ‘hungry’ for more; more of that book, more of the book’s series, or maybe just more books by that author!  And maybe Mr. Average Joe isn’t your reader.  It could be Environmentalist Evan,  Fantasy Francine, Sci-Fi Sam or anyone else! And it’s your job as the author to hook your readers into your book.

You’re probably thinking, “Okay, sure, but how do I do that?” Well, one way is to use         ‘Colorful Words’

Colorful Words

Colorful words are words that are descriptive, not dry and boring.  Which sentence would you like better if you were reading a story, which one is more interesting?

Sentence 1: The unicorn jumped over the rainbow.

Sentence 2: The creamy white unicorn leaped courageously over the bright, airy rainbow.

I think most people would probably think that ‘Sentence 2’ is the more interesting one.  Well, at least I think so.  It has many colorful words ; creamy white, courageously, bright, airy, leaped.  Colorful words improve your story, making it delightfully interesting and much more pleasant to read.

Some boring words; boring, very, big.

Some alternative colorful words; excruciatingly tiring,  extremely, humongous.

Another thing you can do to draw in readers is to avoid DEAD WORDS.


Dead words are ones that are used over and over and over and over, or are very uninteresting.  (in the previous sentence, the word ‘over’ is a dead word).

Using less dead words helps your reader to want to continue reading, and to not get tired of reading the same words repeated over and over!

Lots Of Action

A story packed full of action and suspense is much easier to read than a boring one where everything is always perfect! Use flawed characters to complicate your story and many sidetracks and problems that the characters have to overcome.  (For more on putting action in your story, see here!)

I hope you liked and were helped by this post! Please feel free to leave a comment, and if you would like me to write about something, leave a request below! Let me know what you think!

God bless you!


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