Blueprint For A Great Story!

You probably know that there are things that a story needs to have.  Things like characters, a setting, etc..  But what other things make a great story?  One thing is having an outline.

What makes a great story outline?

Read more to find out! 
The Outline of a Great Story

  1. Introduction-   The first part of a great story is the Introduction. This part introduces the reader to the characters, plot, setting, conflict and other important parts of the story.   This part is very important, and shouldn’t leave your reader with questions like, “Wait, where is this story happening?” or “Who are the people in the story? What are their names?”.  It also shouldn’t give your reader opportunity for thoughts like,  “This story seems to be going perfectly.  It’s so boring.  When are we gonna see some action?”  One good idea for your introduction is to start your story off in the middle of the conflict, and then introduce everything else.  It is very important to have a good introduction to your story!  Click here for a post I wrote that has more ideas for starting your story, and explores beginning stories with conflict in greater depth.
  2. The conflict begins to rise-   After you have introduced the story, it’s time to let the conflict start to take over.  There is constant conflict throughout your story, but there can be lulls in it to give your characters a break from it if you want to.  Just be sure to never completely end the conflict; let it still be there in the background, not completely solved; at least not yet!
  3. Climax-   This is where the conflict is at its height.  Your readers are sucked into this part as if they were in a vacuum cleaner!  Tons of things are going wrong, or maybe one huge thing has gone wrong.  It’s really up to you, the author, to paint this dark yet pulling part of your story!
  4. Conclusion-  The end of your story.  This is where you tie up any loose ends, resolve the conflict, and satisfy your readers…  or leave them hungry for more of your work!

Bonus Outline of the Bible; How it lines up with ‘the Outline of a Great Story!’

Outline of the Bible

Download or Print Bible Outline Poster/Graphic

The above poster/graphic is available for personal use as long as it is not sold, cropped or edited in any way.  If you would like to use it for any reason other than personal use (i.e. wall poster, computer background, etc.)  please contact me for direct permission before using.  If you are, unsure if your use is considered personal or not, please contact me.

I hope you liked this post!  If you did, please share it!  Is there something I could do to make it better? let me know in the comments section!

Blessings in Jesus’ name!


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