Book Review: Spilling Ink

Hey everyone; I just wanted to recommend a great book by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter called Spilling Ink. 

Spilling ink is a handbook for young writers. With awesome tips, tricks and activities it covers every subject from ‘Convincing Your Characters That They Are Alive’ (I don’t think many of us knew we needed to do that!) to choosing a title to handling writer’s block.

The book is very creatively written, and not difficult to read.  Some of the activities are super original, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be using some of them myself!  I highly recommend this book.  The inside cover flap of the book claims,

” 1. These two authors will get you exited about writing even if you don’t normally like to write.

  2.  More importantly, they will convince you that you can write. 

  3.  Best of all, they will give you the real scoop about being a writer. “


This book is really fun, with lots of funny examples and comparisons.  Be sure to see if your local library has it!  Or you can  buy it on Amazon.

Let me know if you have read it and/or like it!

God Bless!

The above bold text taken from the inside of the front cover of Spilling Ink, by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter.  Text copyright 2010.  Published by Roaring Brook Press.  First Edition April 2010.  

I am not liable for whether this book actually works or not on you or your child/friend/acquaintance.  Results may vary.  I (Sage Tomasini) am not in any way tied to or working with Anne Mazer, Ellen Potter, Roaring Brook Press or anything associated with it. 

P.S. Just wanted to let you know that both of the links above to Spilling Ink on Amazon are my dad’s Amazon affiliate links



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