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We Have A Winner!


I am happy to announce that we have a winner for the writing contest!   Continue reading “We Have A Winner!”


Book Review: Spilling Ink

Hey everyone; I just wanted to recommend a great book by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter called Spilling Ink. 

Spilling ink is a handbook for young writers. With awesome tips, tricks and activities it covers every subject from ‘Convincing Your Characters That They Are Alive’ (I don’t think many of us knew we needed to do that!) to choosing a title to handling writer’s block. Continue reading “Book Review: Spilling Ink”

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Writing From Songs; Another Type Of Writing Warm-Up

Ideas can strike at the strangest places… at the grocery store, park, or even page 167 of your math textbook.  That’s what happened to me the other day.  (I have to admit, I can sometimes be rather absentminded when I should be doing my schoolwork!) I was sitting there at the kitchen counter, math book and pencil in hand, when the idea struck of writing stories based off of songs.  Continue reading “Writing From Songs; Another Type Of Writing Warm-Up”

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Making a Character Profile

Character profiles are useful tools in creating characters for your stories.  I use them in most of my writing. A character profile includes information such as your character’s eye and hair colors, personality and other details and can be especially useful if you are wanting to do a lot of descriptive writing about the person.

Continue reading “Making a Character Profile”

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Resources for Young Writers

That big school project is coming up, and you’re stressed for time, but you aren’t sure whether or not baboons like broccoli.  Or you have written your first book, but don’t know where to get it published.  And should you publish with a traditional publisher or be an independent author? We all have lots of questions about writing, and are not all sure where to find the answers. In this post I will cover some resources that can be helpful to young writers.  Continue reading “Resources for Young Writers”