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Travel The World With Google Maps: Writing Prompt

Hey everyone!  I don’t know about you, but I sometimes like to travel the world with Google Maps or Google Earth and explore places that I otherwise would never have seen.  Yesterday I was traversed the streets of Bangladesh, went and saw the Great Wall of China, took a detour through a small Mongolian community and was home in time for dinner!  Thanks, technology and Google!

As I was exploring the earth, an idea flew by, and I caught it just in time!  The idea: use Google Maps for writing prompts!

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Writing From Songs; Another Type Of Writing Warm-Up

Ideas can strike at the strangest places… at the grocery store, park, or even page 167 of your math textbook.  That’s what happened to me the other day.  (I have to admit, I can sometimes be rather absentminded when I should be doing my schoolwork!) I was sitting there at the kitchen counter, math book and pencil in hand, when the idea struck of writing stories based off of songs.  Continue reading “Writing From Songs; Another Type Of Writing Warm-Up”

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4 Tips For Taking Input On Your Writing

Adeline finally set down the paper after reading it to her friend.

“How did you like my story?”  She asked.

“Well,” said her friend, “It was okay, but it could have had some more, you know, conflict?”

Adeline’s mood drooped like chewy bacon.

Taking input on your writing can sometimes be hard, or even discouraging, but it’s important to take it well.  But what can you do to help accept the criticism?  Well, here are a few tips you can use to when taking input!

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How to Write to Captivate Your Reader

texture-1362879_1920Mr. Average Joe looks intently at the pages between the cover of the book he is reading.  He bites his lip, furrowing his bushy eyebrows as he does so.  A minute later he gives out a laugh.  Then, after a while, tears spring to his eyes.  At last, he sets down the book, almost sorry it had to end.  “That was a good book.” he says happily.  Then he picks up his phone, opens his text app and recommends the book to a friend.

You want your book to be like that; to captivate the reader, so much so that they can hardly put down the book.   A good book makes you in a sense ‘hungry’ for more; more of that book, more of the book’s series, or maybe just more books by that author!  And maybe Mr. Average Joe isn’t your reader.  It could be Environmentalist Evan,  Fantasy Francine, Sci-Fi Sam or anyone else! And it’s your job as the author to hook your readers into your book. Continue reading “How to Write to Captivate Your Reader”

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Making a Character Profile

Character profiles are useful tools in creating characters for your stories.  I use them in most of my writing. A character profile includes information such as your character’s eye and hair colors, personality and other details and can be especially useful if you are wanting to do a lot of descriptive writing about the person.

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Ten Publishing and Distributing Tips Part 1

Ten Publishing and Distributing Tips;

You lay in your bed, thinking to yourself about your story.  It is almost done, and soon you’ll be getting it published.  “How do I do that?”,  you think.  Suddenly a scary lady with red nail-claws towers over you, an angry look on her face.  “Grrrr!  You can’t publish your book!  You have no idea what you are doing!  Who are you going to publish with, hmm? And who would want to read a story like yours anyways?”  You sit up suddenly, breaking into a cold sweat.  Then you realize it was only a dream… thankfully!

Professionally publishing your work can be a challenging and somewhat scary process.   I know; I have been there. But in this article series I will give you “Ten Publishing and Distributing Tips” to help you not make the same mistakes I did! Continue reading “Ten Publishing and Distributing Tips Part 1”