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Horsey Heads South

by Mia, Age 11

Blue bonnets!  Beautiful, sweet-smelling bonnets spread amidst the broad plains of Texas.  Horsey is my name.  I am a stuffed horse.  My homeland is The Longhorn State.  I live in Oregon and I visit Texas occasionally.  My owner, an 11-year old girl named Mia, and her family are going to Texas and they are bringing my friend Ginger the German Shepherd and me along.

As Mia and her family pack, I see the family dog, Chiona, getting nervous.  She is not going with us, but she does not like when we leave to Texas or California.  Mia and her brother are extremely excited.  Everyone is packing and taking it to the car.  I know I will not be going in the suitcase because I always stay close beside Mia.

We are in Eugene now and I see the airport.  Ginger has never been on a plane so she is frightened and Mia soothes her.  We enter the plane and sit down.  I hear the engines roar as we take off.  I sit comfortably on the right of Mia, Ginger is on her left.

We are in Texas now and are exiting the airport.  I take in the sweet smell of caramel corn and I very much wish Mia could buy some!   When Mia sees her Grandma, she runs as fast as she can to hug her.  As Grandma drives us to her house Mia rolls down the car window and I feel the blistering Texas air on my face. When we enter Grandma’s house Mia hugs Pappy.  We find our room and put our heavy luggage down.  Mia puts Ginger and me in the bed and we take a nap.

Today we go to Mia’s uncle Danny’s and aunt Loretta’s house.  They have a massive trampoline and Mia jumps on it all the time in the hot sunshine.  I sometimes get thrown about on the trampoline.  When Mia comes inside the cool house, she plays games with her cousins.  They love to be together!  Now we enter Taco Casa and get sweet tea, burritos and beans.  When we get back to Danny’s we all go to bed.

As I wake up I don’t hear Danny’s and Lorretta’s voices, instead I hear Tia Belinda’s voice!  Mia jumps up and gives her a gargantuan hug.  As everyone talks, the time goes by quickly and we must depart.

Next, we drive to Azle, Texas to visit at Mia’s great grandparents.  We spend time with Memaw and Grandpa Gene.  Then we drive to visit Pawpaw, Mia’s grandpa.  We take Pawpaw along to the Fort Worth Stockyards.  I smell the aroma of animals as we enter the stockyards   We all have an amusing time, especially Pawpaw.

I see many blue bonnets because, of course, they are the state flower of Texas.  Even though it is sweltering, I am having a tornado of a time and I would like to come back someday.  Seeing Mia’s family is such a delight.  All in all, I am having a grand time and I hope everyone can visit Texas.


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