Last Chance To Enter The Writing Contest!

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Messages From Here To Help Learning’s ‘Knucklehead’ To My Siblings… So Funny!

Hey everyone! While we were at the home-school convention I go to meet Mr. Mora, who plays the voice for Here To Help Learning’s mascot, a basset hound named Knucklehead.  I asked him if I could record a message to send to my siblings, who absolutely love Knucklehead!  His messages to them and their replies were just too cute not to share!

Message From Knucklehead To My Siblings

Message From My Little Sister To Knucklehead

Message From My Little Brother To Knucklehead

Message From Knucklehead To My Little Brother


homeschool writing program Captain Knucklehead
Captain Knucklehead!  Photo taken from

Beautify Your Blog with an Easy Makeover: Part 8

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Giving Readers What They Want

People are creatures of habit, meaning that change isn’t always welcomed. In fact, most people resist change and want nothing to do with it. Don’t believe it? Consider the complaints every time Facebook revamps something. Your blog makeover is no different, so it pays to prepare your fans before the big reveal.Read More »

Travel The World With Google Maps: Writing Prompt

Hey everyone!  I don’t know about you, but I sometimes like to travel the world with Google Maps or Google Earth and explore places that I otherwise would never have seen.  Yesterday I was traversed the streets of Bangladesh, went and saw the Great Wall of China, took a detour through a small Mongolian community and was home in time for dinner!  Thanks, technology and Google!

As I was exploring the earth, an idea flew by, and I caught it just in time!  The idea: use Google Maps for writing prompts!

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